Zander Simpson has been contracted by Subsea7 on a significant number of pipeline bundle operations in the North Sea. These highly complex operations include launch, tow and installation of pipeline bundles which have ranged in length  from 2 km to 7.5 km, performed by a tow fleet of five vessels.

Zander Simpson has also been involved in other work, including a suspended submerged method caisson tow, and vessel audit inspections on our behalf.

My opinion is that Zander is a very experienced and capable mariner who is both reliable and dependable and has become an integral and valued member of the team of mariners involved in our pipeline bundle operations.

Subsea7 - Senior Bundles Tow master

Zander has a long history of association with our company, dating from 2008 to present. During a period of sustained growth, we relied heavily on Zander on technical, certification and training matters, including:

  • Arranging and delivering safety training and preparation of crew for Boatmaster Licences, RYA Commercial Endorsements and STCW Certificates
  • Safety checks on workboats and well boats.
  • Making recommendations, specifying appropriate safety equipment, signage, revision of fire and safety plans etc
  • Advising on purchase of well boats from Norwegian owners, liaised with Norwegian Maritime Directorate to ensure vessels complied with Norwegian rules
  • Managing of re-flagging of vessels to UK registry
  • Managing the Classing of previously un-classed vessels to BV register
  • Undertaking numerous condition surveys and valuations on workboats and well boats
Throughout, we found have found Zander to be knowledgeable and professional. His work is focused, detailed, yet concise. He is able to communicate effectively with a range of audiences, from workboat crew to flag and Class surveyors. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Polson 
Aquaship UK Ltd (formerly Johnson Marine Ltd) - Marine Superintendent

Captain A. Simpson has a long history of collaboration in multiple marine activities with Pirie & Smith Ltd, Consulting Engineers and Ship Surveyors.
We have utilised his expertise in several areas; Insurance Claim Loss Adjusting, Vessel Valuations and Marine Warranty activities.
We have always found him to be professional and thorough in his approach and have no hesitation in providing this reference.

Graeme Alexander
Pirie & Smith Ltd - General Manager